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Dealers generally shotgun issues with new parts... I don't know why they're throwing compressors at it since it's obviously getting air.

Sounds like a leak somewhere.

Also it isn't weird to have the front pop up 2" at a stop light or something, mine does this all the time... The truck will level itself if you're parked on uneven surface, if you get underway and stop at a light it senses you've stopped on a flat surface and will adjust the bags to level the truck again.

If its slow to raise it could be a line, but that does not explain why this is an intermittent problem. It could be a a valve on the block intermittently sticking, that might explain why you're ok for a couple of weeks then the issue returns. Maybe they're replacing the compressor because they're seeing an overheat code, but that's probably because the compressor is working extra hard to make up for the leak... If it's triggering the alarm in the middle of the night I'd put my money on a sticking valve! After 6 hours of sitting the range wakes up to check a few vitals, one of which is the level of the truck. It will drop the truck evenly to its lowest corner to level it out, perhaps a valve sticks open evacuates all the pressure.

I've had a similar problem happen over winter, except it froze a valve shut, which puts the range in an overpressure fault disabling the system.

I'd probably just listen for leaks then pin point it with some soapy water. If you don't hear a hiss it's probably the valve block or a computer fouled up.
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