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Air Suspension Inactive & Rear Suspension down to Bump Stops

Hi Guys.

Can anyone offer their opinion on what's wrong / faulty, or a quick fix?

Range Rover HSE 2005 - L322.

I was moving a large mobile billboard trailer. 6m x 3m and heavy. I located the billboard in an empty section in my city. This required a small amount of rugged terrain. I had the suspension in the high position. When I wanted to remove the trailer I tried to lower the suspension. There was initial issue doing this, but by putting it into gear, I was able to lower to mid height. I was not able to lower to low height.

I then removed that trailer and left. I drove about 5 minutes and then left my RR parked for about 45 minutes - 1 hour. On returning and driving home, I noticed that the rear suspension was riding very low and the car was bumping all over the place. I stopped the vehicle and checked to find both rear wheels riding on the bump stops. The Air Suspension Inactive warning was also showing and no lights were on the button / knob to raise / lower the suspension. The car is now parked up with the rear on the bump stops.

Any ideas? What to do? Obviously other than taking to a mechanic on Monday morning.



2006-2009 Range Rover Sport
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Re: Air Suspension Inactive & Rear Suspension down to Bump Stops

You're posting about a L322 in a L320 forum first of all.

With the age of your car and the heavy load, wouldn't be surprised if you have a massive leak and air suspension gave up.
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