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Air suspension fault

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My air suspension has now developed a fault. there's no way its ending up on coils(!) so I need to find out what's wrong. The symptoms: Start the RR, air suspension rises to middle setting. Followed by the high ride height warning lamp on the dash and the high ride height & low ride height button flashing repeatedly for a few seconds then going to a solid state. At higher speeds the system remains at middle height and the system isn't adjustable by the usual methods. Is there a way to diagnose the fault via reading codes? I have performed this task for an ABS fault but never for air suspension. Any help would be gratefully received!
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Roo said:
...: Start the RR, air suspension rises to middle setting. ...
does it sink on its own, or do you lower to access height to get in/out?

If it's doing it on it's own, you either have leaks or need a calibration. Since it will rise up then fault, I think you may have a duff sensor. A code read is the easiest way to diagnose the sensors.
yes, it's on rubber mounts, that arn't very good when new, when 15 years old they're worthless....

every 30 seconds or so is way too often, so you have a leak somewhere.
a laundry list of faults is indicative of communications errors, have a good look at your wiring.
Roo said:
I'm currently refitting the valve block assembly and compressor (the box that contains these) onto the range rover. However, upon refitting ive noticed that outlet 11 on the valve block leaves the block and travels to the rear of the car. about 18" from the block it terminates into a piece of rubber tubing (perished) which is open to atmosphere. What is this for and am i missing something/is this contributing to my problems? I've also found the compressor seal is worn. would this create the errors i'm getting displayed on the dash?

Thanks for any input on this!
the small line is a vent line, which goes to the inlet of the compressor, which is plumbed up to by the petrol fill-neck to keep from ingesting air. I think I may have that line in my pile of stuff, send me an email (below).

the teflon seal being work will cause you all sorts of grief, replace it before you go through putting everything back together.
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