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Air suspension fault

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My air suspension has now developed a fault. there's no way its ending up on coils(!) so I need to find out what's wrong. The symptoms: Start the RR, air suspension rises to middle setting. Followed by the high ride height warning lamp on the dash and the high ride height & low ride height button flashing repeatedly for a few seconds then going to a solid state. At higher speeds the system remains at middle height and the system isn't adjustable by the usual methods. Is there a way to diagnose the fault via reading codes? I have performed this task for an ABS fault but never for air suspension. Any help would be gratefully received!
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Roo said:
OK, a slight update. With the generous help of Footloose4x4 I had my codes read on the LSE. The air suspension system displayed every fault code possible! So they were cleared and the process repeated with the same result. It was suggested that as the system was working 100% before the fault, I would be extremely unlucky (even with as a Range Rover owner!) that every single component on the system had failed. He pointed to the ECU as the fault. Would this be a logical guess?
I was there for around an hour and the guys were really helpful. Code read was only £20 and that was for the air suspension and engine codes.
The air suspension ecu?
I think I may still have a spare... Interested?
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