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Air suspension fault

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My air suspension has now developed a fault. there's no way its ending up on coils(!) so I need to find out what's wrong. The symptoms: Start the RR, air suspension rises to middle setting. Followed by the high ride height warning lamp on the dash and the high ride height & low ride height button flashing repeatedly for a few seconds then going to a solid state. At higher speeds the system remains at middle height and the system isn't adjustable by the usual methods. Is there a way to diagnose the fault via reading codes? I have performed this task for an ABS fault but never for air suspension. Any help would be gratefully received!
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shupack said:
Roo said:
...: Start the RR, air suspension rises to middle setting. ...
does it sink on its own, or do you lower to access height to get in/out?

If it's doing it on it's own, you either have leaks or need a calibration. Since it will rise up then fault, I think you may have a duff sensor. A code read is the easiest way to diagnose the sensors.
A code read is in order then...

The suspension holds at height so there are no leaks at the bags, it only drops to level itself upon exiting and when restarting it raises back to standard height. In fact its sat for near two weeks at standard height as im unable to drive just now. After reading up about the system I would like to hazard a guess that I have a leak somewhere in the system. RAVE states that if there is a leak, causing the compressor to cycle too much, then the ECU will inhibit the system and fix it at standard ride height. As my compressor has increased in its operation more recently I'd like to think this is what the problem is. Make sense?! Also, is the compressor attached to the chassis via rubber bushes or something? Mine seems terribly loud when working. Id say its operating every 30 seconds. Sometimes longer, more often than not shorter intervals.
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OK, a slight update. With the generous help of Footloose4x4 I had my codes read on the LSE. The air suspension system displayed every fault code possible! So they were cleared and the process repeated with the same result. It was suggested that as the system was working 100% before the fault, I would be extremely unlucky (even with as a Range Rover owner!) that every single component on the system had failed. He pointed to the ECU as the fault. Would this be a logical guess?
I was there for around an hour and the guys were really helpful. Code read was only £20 and that was for the air suspension and engine codes.
Thanks for all the advice. My first port of call will be the ECU, connections earth's etc. I might even open the ECU up and have a look for dry joints etc. as I've had previous success with an ABS ECU on a Volvo 850 (that's a common problem on those) The system was overhauled around 3 years ago with new seals etc so I would hope they will still be serviceable. As the systems at standard ride height I've been paying more attention to my manifolds and water leaks (!) but now those are done its time to review this system.
I've no idea what I used to do with my spare time pre Range Rover!!
Well, after a general check of the more visible and accessible parts of the air system ive found an air leak.

This is part of the connection at the airbag end. It holds the plastic pipe in position and forms part of the quick connect/release system. Does anyone know if these are available?
This hasnt solved the problem however. I've had the ECU out and checked the connections with no problems founds.
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adam1977 said:
David Manners sell them :thumb:
Have you got a website for him?
I'm currently refitting the valve block assembly and compressor (the box that contains these) onto the range rover. However, upon refitting ive noticed that outlet 11 on the valve block leaves the block and travels to the rear of the car. about 18" from the block it terminates into a piece of rubber tubing (perished) which is open to atmosphere. What is this for and am i missing something/is this contributing to my problems? I've also found the compressor seal is worn. would this create the errors i'm getting displayed on the dash?

Thanks for any input on this!
Well after much fault finding, component replacement and general cursing resulting in my RR sitting on the bump stops I have determined that I need a new loom (EAS part)
I have posted in the relevant section but dont hold much hope. Can anyone help?!
Sorry, re-reading that its not very clear! I need a new wiring loom. Whether that be the entire vehicle wiring loom or just the air suspension wiring loom (apparently they are almost independent of each other) I have searched the usual places such as ebay and a couple of other LR/RR forums. I am also going to Beaulieu this weekend then the LR show at Peterborough so I'm hoping I will be in luck. I dont have part numbers sorry. I also checked at the main dealer but they were as helpful as ever... :roll:
A small update:

I managed to source a new loom so a couple of Saturdays ago I set about changing it. Its actually a very easy job. Seat removed and all the plugs disconnected, feed through the floor and follow it to the compressor/valve block and then on to the airbags.

So, after changing the loom I reset the system. Still the same. Old loom back on, still the same...
I'm getting desperate now as the RR's just sitting there doing nothing.
A rundown of all thats happened and been done to date:
System working as it should
System goes into soft fault mode, fixed at standard ride height. Maintains this stance for 6+months
System goes into hard fault mode, sits on bump stops.
RR taken to independent. System reset, system works. System throws up hard fault. At this point, ECU shows every code available for EAS fault.
Independent tries new ECU (6 different ECU's to be precise!) all providing a different outcome each time. Sometimes working fully, sometimes soft fault, sometimes hard fault.
I have a day replacing loom, re-fitting old EAS loom. Reset system, all working perfectly. 5 miles from leaving, system goes into soft fault.
Parked it up, cried and have yet to go back to it!

I would greatly appreciate any valuable suggestions or input. Even the independent I took it to is totally stumped. He has been working on classics for 26 years and has never had this scenario.
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Odyssey said:
I'm having similar problems - a soft fault (for 18 months) that turned into a hard fault. After 2 attempts (@ £35 ea) at indy diagnostics, I made up a cable and downloaded the latest EASunlock software form RSW solutions. I've managed to identify a faulty height sensor - you can move each corner up and down with the program and read the value from each sensor, my FNS is stuck at 9, no matter what the actual height is. Very useful for diagnostics.

Waiting for a new sensor . . .

I can recommend the software. Good luck.

Thanks for your post! I made the cable up as shown on the RSW site and used their software to help diagnose the problem and perform regular resets. Its certainly a handy piece of kit. I will re-run the software and check my ride height sensors. Incidentally, when I managed to get the system running as it should, I went round all the connections associated with the EAS system wobbling each one as I went and still couldn't get it to create the fault. I'm encouraged by the sensor issue though.

benji said:
I can fully sympathise with you there!
Have you tried another valve driver? Ocasionally the backing resin cracks, and water can get in creating random caos.
Have you also tried a substitute delay relay, mine was sporatic (apart from other faults) in operation and creating softfaults.
I'm also wondering if the ecu casing is earthed via it's rear c clamp.
It may be worth opening up the valve block and pump to make sure all is okay. I once had a dislodged o-ring on a non-return valve that caused the pump to cycle every 30 seconds or so.
I have also had troubles with the ecu earthin points on the centre tunnel under the seat, they looked okay but they were'nt.
Has the car logged a fault whilst it's been turned off, or has it only been whilst you are driving.
I also recomend the software, it's worth it's weight in gold!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And lastly don't give up! As de-knackering an eas model really is quite sad.
Hi Benji, thanks for your reply, any advice is more than welcome. Its just nice to know i'm not alone if nothing else! I believe the independent tried replacement relays when they had it as well as the ECU. I have previously re-soldered the relays too. I know the earth is good on the transmission tunnel and the c clamp on the ecu. Its interesting you note the valve driver as up until I changed the loom, I never knew it was there! Mine doesn't look the greatest and has cracked as you described so this could be a potential culprit.

I don't intend to give up, I am lucky enough to have alternative transport so when the RR tries my patience too much I can park it up and forget about it until I've calmed down!!

So, I'm thinking my next steps should be:

Check my sensors via the RSW cable/program
Obtain a replacement valve driver.
Stand back and see what happens!

Thanks again to you both for your responses.
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