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All the rovers I have had, Ive done air, ive done coils. I maintained, I fixed monthly. Look dude, keep posting. Someone that doesnt have time to tinker , money, and patients to repair would be good for them to go coil. When I had mines in College full time and working a full time job you bet your GOLLY FREAKIN BUTTOCK I was riding on coils. It was one less thing to deal with in life at that time. Now that im older, yes I think differenltly but back then and depending on people situations, it Varys. I would never knock someone for doing whatever they want to make there care as realiable as possible. Whether you are on coils or air, having had both, you still have a great sense of command of the road, and for what most rovers do, great control over almost any terrain. But you do lose that cool feature, something about letting the car down to let your girl get inside always makes them go Awwwwwww.. Better than opening the door for them
1 - 1 of 24 Posts
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