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Ragj you can keep updating us, but expect to get a lot of hate mail. Most of us on this forum are against switching to standard coil springs.

Personally I can't blame you, the air ride can be unreliable (just like the entire vehicle!) it's easier to eliminate the EAS and avoid any furthor headaches. I was left stranded by my EAS 500 miles from home. That was not a fun sunday!

When it comes down to it, dealing with the frustrations of Rover ownership is the price of luxury! (atleast that's what I keep telling myself everytime something goes wrong with my Rover.)

I thought long and hard about switching my rover to coils, but I was able to fix my EAS rather simply. As frustrating as the EAS can be, I still love it.

That's what's great about all this, IT'S YOUR ROVER do what you want to it, and make it a project and it will easily become the love and hate of your life!

I hope you are happy converting your rover to coils. I don't know if you get a computer override system with your strutmaster setup. you can get one at http://www.roverparts.com/Parts/SD8007.cfm the override will eliminate any annoying EAS fault messages associated with the coil springs.
1 - 1 of 24 Posts
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