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Air spring replacement help!!!

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I am new to the board and I just purchased a 2000 RR SE 4.0. When I bought it, I already knew that the rear bags were leaking, so I purchased the 4 bags from Rover Renovations and got to work. With some difficulty, I was able to remove the rear ones, separate the bags from the pistons, and install the new bags on the pistons. I then proceeded to install the on the car and that's when I started having problems. The new assembled bags are about 3-4" longer that the old ones, which means that they will not fit in the same space left by the old ones. So i went ahead and folded them in order to make them fit, hoping that when they inflated, everything would go back to the propper shape. Well, they didn't., as a matter of a fact, one of them keeps popping out of the lower piston. I just need to know how to install them in the propper position so this wont happen. :?:

Thank you in advance for the help.

Jim V.
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Where are you located?
I am in West Palm Beach, Fl.
I sent you a PM
I had exactly the same problem several months ago when I installed a set of factory bags complete - not just replacing old bellows.
I found the trick is to jack the end of the vehicle up really HIGH so that the new bags are reasonable straight and not kinked and twisted. Then they should inflate quite happily and not pop off the pistons. Mine would start to inflate but then stop in a twisted position without being round and then pop a bag off a piston and then down onto the bump stops - or in my case the axle stands. Might I suggest that, when the new bags are properly shaped (round), you switch off, lower the jack/axle stands and then let it pump up to the correct height naturally - just a tip I was told locally.
Height is the answer so that the new bags are not fighting against the weight of the vehicle as well as trying to get into position.
I hope that this helps.
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Just like Rowant said, also keep the axle level with the frame, so do both springs at the same time.

With the frame on jackstands and the engine running (in park), SLOWLY jack the axle up and the EAS will put a little air at a time into the springs. Go up/down as needed to get the spring to slowly inflate, use offroad height on the dash.
I used a bottle jack between the axle and frame to get the correct distance to install the new spring.
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