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If you search the forums on this issue, I've posted quite a bit over the years in regard to an intermittent issue I've been having... Dealers/Shops can't figure it out

5-10 min on each drive, I'd get all these errors, after turning the car off they're gone only to show up again on the next drive.

I spent the morning looking at the the ABS module on the Range Rover

Here you see where it used to be!

Here you see the module itself

Next I took a dremel and cut the cap off the module, they epoxy it closed from the factory, so I had to cut it off.

If you look very closely, there are gold wires in there that are basically thinner than human hair, I looked closely at all of them

The whole board is covered in a silicone like substance to keep everything protected from moisture and shorts, I noticed there was an area towards the top of the unit where it looks like they missed the protective goo... Several of the tiny tiny gold wires were laid over nearly touching... So I went in there with a needle and moved them back upright. I'd imagine when the engine gets up to temp the gold becomes pliable enough to lean over just a bit more and cause a short.

Anyway I put it all back together, threw it on the car... Beat the hell out of it for an hour in 100 degree heat and it's fully repaired. I just have to pull it one last time to silicone those gold wires in place and re-epoxy the modules cap.

So if you have a intermittent or even constant error like this, you may want to look at the ABS module
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