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Air distribution problem in 2006 RR SC. HELP ...

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I think that I have a new problem in my lovely 2006 RR SC.

Climate won't change air distribution until I turn off and on car.

When I start my car in a morning, all seems to be OK, I can change air vent to any position, because my car sleeps in a warm garage.
But when I start it in the evening, its been on a street for about 9 hours, and the temperature there is -15 °C, I can't change air flap to blow other direction than it was set when I start the car.
To change air distribution to another direction, I need to push a button (the button light will come up) and turn off/on my ignition, then it will changed to desire position, but only until I want to change it again.
To solve this problem, I'll need to turn off my car for about 60 sec, and the turn it back on, after this is done, everything goes to normal, and I can change my air vents to any position without turning off/on ignition.

What can it be? IDS shows no problem in a climate, and my dealer have no idea what to do.

Thanks a lot for a help.
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