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Air-con Recharge

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Just a heads up for the Brits amongst us. Had my Air-Con recharged at Kwik-Fit today. £45 to empty, pull a vacuum for 30 minutes and recharge. They then checked it for pressure loss for what seemed like an eternity. In all, the car was with them for 2 hours.
I've come away with a nice cold car and not such a big hole in my wallet.
Thumbs up for Kwik Fit :clap:
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Nice to hear that Kickfit have done something right for a change !
They also reckoned that the car took 1300grams of gas. is that on the ball?
It should be written on a yellow badge on the front left side of the engine bay (when standing in front of the car), at least it's on my GEMS.

RAVE said:
V8 up to 99MY 1250 grammes
V8 from 99MY 1380 ± 25 grammes
So it seems you might be a bit low, but as the system is protected from working with too little gas I wouldn't do anything about it.

I also visited Kwik-Fit a few weeks ago but after the recharge my car would blow cold then warm for a few seconds every few minutes so they told me to go change my compressor and didn't charge me anything.

There probably is something wrong somewhere, but to be honest the AC cools the car down sufficiently, so I haven't got round to investigating :shhh:

You can't get better than a Kwik-Fit, fitter :dance:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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