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Air Compressor rebuild kit suppliers?

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My compressor is in need of a rebuild--I think--LR mechanic pronounced it weak when he tested air flow at inlet--it was barely pulling in and almost puffing out. So i read the forum fixes and parts section and it is out of date--the listing for
Cathy Preusse
Combined Fluid Products Co
(847)540-0054 x27
[email protected]

Says they no longer stock for theses parts-
Rover renovations is out of stock for at least two weeks, so I called usual suppliers with no results-so far--
I also considered the listing for--(Puma Sales for $109, but it is unclear whether the one he got is the exact replacement as I found at least 7 identical-looking models in the 315 range with different specs.)----but this seems to be a dead site----

What if any, are my choices---I can wait 2 weeks ok--but the pickings are getting slimmer it seems.
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Took apart pump----found cylinder was gouged out and piston fit was loose. called Rover Renovations--out of stock---Ebay has some from the netherlands and i noticed his post today on EAS work----For now I have unplugged pump--
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