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Although the original compressor ran without problems before, I decided to refurbish it with a known repair kit.
(I know, never change a running team...)
I replaced the 2 o-rings, the piston ring and liner and filters.
Now after reinstalling the compressor I have following problem:
it runs, but it takes much longer than before to raise the vehicle e.g. from access to standard or high.
I checked for leaks, reopened the compressor, rechecked the seals and the liner and checked it also seperatly with a 12 V battery.
I can't find any obvious fault. Also, my nanocom does not show any fault code.

Have you any further idea what the problem could be? As I mentioned, the air suspension worked before without any problem and raising was much faster.

thanks for any hints
Range Rover 4.6, year 2000
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