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Hi all,

I know there are alot of topics regarding aftermarket radio installation on P38.

Anyways. I need some help turning my head around this one.
I have the later HK stereo with sub and amp in the back.
While buliding up my car again (see other post), I installed a Kenwood Dab radio that I have been using in another car of mine.

Link to radio and specs:

I also contacted incartech.co.uk as they have a good option on looms matching these radios to P38. So I was in touch with them a while ago and ordered all the relevant wire looms and connectors.

So. When installing I connected the loom from the car to the iso-connector from incartech; the front speakers (blue), rear speakers (yellow) and sub (red).
The blue connector from the car to the iso-connector in the incartech loom went to front input to the Kenwood radio loom. Green arrow to the radio.

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Here comes my issue. The rear speakers from the car loom (yellow) to the iso-connector goes via RCA to the radio. You can spot them above.
The sub input (red) is also RCA.

When powering up my radio I ger good DAB signals and good quality sound, but the rear speakers wont engage and just make a interference sound. The sub power up good and sounds great.

A twist; When moving the rear speaker input from the car harness (yellow) to the iso-connector direct to the radio (alongside the blue top one above), the rear speakers power up and sounds great (but with a much higher overall power). But when I do this the subwoofer will not powerup.

I am not into car stereo that much, but I do believe that incartech have solved any issues with interference etc with their looms. Even the steeringwheel buttons works perfectly!

So am I connecting these plugs / wires wrong? There might be a setting in the radio I am missing? Maybe a RCA input setting or something? I had to activate RCA sub input to get the sub settings in the radio. But when connecting the RCA input from rear speakers these only fits the front RCA input as the sub takes up the rear (red) input.

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There might be some settings I have overlooked?

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