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Aftermarket Exhaust Options

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Just wondering what aftermarket exhaust options there are for both FFRR and RRS.. From my research there seems to be:

1. Startech
2. Xcentric
3. Supersprint
4. Custom Muffler/Resonator Delete
5. Fi Exhaust
6. Quicksilver

Would be good if people can add in the prices and also their experience with the exhaust if fitted on their car.
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You might want to check out this thread where Velocity is talking about their new valvetronic exhaust offering. It's always nice to match a tune with the exhaust and since they offer both now I would consider that for sure. I've also heard of a few who have fitted the SVR exhaust. Personally I love my SVR exhaust but its almost too much at times. I'm glad I can turn it off for sure.
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