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AEB not available....car won't start....towed to dealer

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Not a good first month of ownership.....a ton of audio problems which the dealer said needs a software update and now today.....luckily "stuck" at home....car won't start with "AEB not available" warning and all sorts of crazy lights.....Roadside assistance and they can't even put it into neutral to turn it around to tow it.....not a good Saturday.....
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.Roadside assistance and they can't even put it into neutral to turn it around to tow it.....
Is the Velar neutral procedure similar to the F-Pace?

I know on certain other Jaguar models the Transmission Park Release/Shift Interlock Override/Emergency Park Release moved from below the cupholders to the engine bay. The F-Pace appears to have an actual lever as opposed to the earlier Jaguar process of pulling a cable & using a screwdriver:

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http://www.pedini.com/clientuploads/FPACE/Jaguar, F-Pace QRG.pdf

It could be totally different but we don't have much to work with on the Velar.
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Yes, here's an udpate.....they told me it was an airbag sensor, ordered the part and switched it out......that wasn't it.....they had to then consult with LR technical and finally figured out it was a wiring issue.....after over 3 weeks in service we got it back and it was fixed....the car is still plagued by other issues, especially the media center
Just under 1,500 miles and my Velar shut down in the garage after an AEB warning. The tow truck wouldn’t make it up my driveway so that wasn’t an option. Thankfully, he was able to jump start the car. I drove it straight to the dealer. The wipers were stuck straight up, the screens were blank, but it made it there in one piece. The Service Manager took it to the Service bay and came back to his office to ask me what was wrong. It was running perfectly...no issues. �� I made an appointment to have them inspect the electrical system. Had to wait two weeks so that they could give me a loaner. It’s been there three days. No word yet.
Anyone else having the shut-down issue? For the third time since purchasing my Velar late 3/18, I have found it dead in my garage. It has been jumped once and taken straight to the dealer and towed twice. Each time, the tail lights are partially on but I have to use the skeleton key to enter the car and everything is dead. This morning, it started with jumper cables enough to leave my garage and die in front of my house. In November, they determined it was a faulty battery but had to run tests for hours just to get their computer to register it as faulty in order to replace it under warranty. Now, it’s done it again with the new battery installed. Nothing is left on or even plugged in overnight. The car is left locked in the garage. The Oklahoma lemon law states that the same issue needs to occur four times before anything can be done. I don’t want to get rid of this car. Even with all of the software updates and silly fixes, I love it. But, paying so much for a car that may or may not run is frustrating at best. It’s back at the dealer this morning.
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This fix took one day. New battery was installed and they “Updated gateway and telematics ICS module - - CKD data logger signals to voltage quality module”. Hoping this is the final fix for this issue. Tulsa LR Service Department has been very responsive and courteous. I didn’t purchase my vehicle from them but they treat me like I did. If anything, I‘ve had a few chances to drive an F-Pace while my Velar is in the shop and it has confirmed my final choice. The F-Pace is fun to drive but my Velar is much more comfortable on Tulsa’s bumpy roads...and still fun to drive.
Issue after changing alternator and battery on my 2003 Range

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Just changed the alternator and battery on my 2003 Range Rover. Now when I hit the gas Trans Failure and battery light and others pop up. Seems like the car doesn't want to go. Once it slows down and on brake all lights on dash co my e off, and everything is regular. Soon as I hit the gas, problem continues. Has anyone had this issue? What is recommended and do I have a battery reset button I need to hit?
Not sure if you fixed that ? But sounds like loose wiring - are all connections to the alternator tight ?
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