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I think it is entirely a matter of the service history, and if you can't get hold of that, I would consider walking away.

Two reasons for this: I personally believe that this engine is good for two or three times that mileage, if it's well cared for. But not if the PO cheaped out on, say, oil changes.

The second is that, from what I've seen at least, there is a pantload of expensive stuff that breaks all at once in a mid-life Rangie. Cooling system components and suspension components are two notorious weaknesses. If the service history of that truck shows that the PO has already eaten those costs, then you could get some happy miles out of it. But if none of the above has received any love, then it's probably not an exaggeration to say that the truck is a financial time bomb.

Ask me how I know. :crybaby2:
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