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So somehow the passenger side visor clip broke and the dealer wants to charge me $513.04 they claim I can't just get a new clip... (the part to secure it in place when not in use). furthermore when it was first serviced they misplaced a small plastic piece behind the driver side rear door. (i know it was them but they refuse to take the blame because they had pulled the door panel off to fix the alignment of my rear shades) Anything I can do for that, besides, pay $73.65?
Thanks a lot, hopefully, this time they actually fix my brake booster that's been bad for 1 1/2 years now rather than keep it for a week then just give it back exactly how it was when I dropped it off. Literally went through a whole set of brake pads in 6k miles, they sid not covered brake job warranty because it is already below the 3mm mark. so there goes another $2,500. I asked 3 independent shops why they have been making the most annoying screeching noise and losing pressure when braking and they say the boosters have gone bad but range rover just doesn't care I guess. the most recent mechanic also said that why I went through brakes so fast.
Is there any way to convince range over to look into the brake boosters?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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