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Hi guys,
Newbie here but in need of some unbiased expert opinion.

I am looking into buying an '08 HSE from someone this week. I've done my fair share of research so I know the perils (and what most of you will think) of this plan.

While I know it's a lot of miles at just over 130k, one thing people have said is that these cars are all about the preemptive maintenance BEFORE anything goes wrong. from what he's said (as well as the carfax) is that he's been very on top of keeping the car in shape; changing the oil twice a year, replaced both front air springs, cat converters, EGR valve, front control arms and a new windscreen.

Mileage aside, I'm not going to be putting TOO much stress on this vehicle, driving maybe 5,000 miles a year MAX.

Assuming I'm willing to put aside $1000 a year as a rainy day fund is, is this a wise purchase (at about $8000)? I'd like to see this car live without major trouble for at least 3 or 4 years.

Thank you very much for any help!
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