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Good evening. I am in the process of accepting new job that, unfortunately, will mean a lot more driving. I have a certified 2015 Range Rover Sport in Aleutian silver with Black Interior. My plan will be to buy a smaller car with better gas mileage. My assumption is that I would be better off selling myself rather than trading it in but I wanted to ask for advice here.

I plan to post it on the site classifieds and on auto trader; I am in no real hurry to sell but just want to consider all option.

I am located in Charlotte, NC.
JLR dealerships will purchase the vehicle back from you. The going rate for 2015 HSEs is between $62K to $63K in the Washington DC area.

Yes, you would be best trying to sell it outright if you have the time and tolerance for that. Personally, I do not do that anymore because I don't want people coming to my house expecting a free test drive. It just depends if you are comfortable with doing that. If so...then sell outright.

But if you find a good car you can trade-in and get the tax savings. I assume in NC that you only pay taxes on the difference. Something to consider.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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