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Adding satilite radio to an 06 Range Rover Sport

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thinking i would not want it or like it i bougt my sport without satilite radio back in 06. now i bought my wife a new truck i use it as my daily driver and i cant be without it. i heard that the plug and play units have reception problems. how have some of you guys done this, i would like to keep it as clean and keep it as stock looking as possible. im ok with hiding the unit as well.....

what do you guys think???

by the way newby here as you can tell with my 1 post.....
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first off, we're not gonna help you until you post pics :D

welcome to the forum. i think you'll easily find that an add-on sirius unit will provide more functionality than the OEM head unit. however, i think the issue you'll deal with is the same as adding an ipod. you'll still be stuck with using a horrible fm transmitter or the unamplified aux input to play through the stereo. definitely look for a unit that's got an inline amplifier so that you at least get a lil more umph before hitting the aux input.
I added an aftermarket unit to mine using a delphi fm modulator that connects between the antenna of the car and the stereo. I have zero static or interference unless driving through a parking garage. I'll try and get pictures up later tonight. I have installed stereos and xm in many cars, motorcycles and boats.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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