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Hey Guys,

I got a Sirius Satellite Radio portable receiver thingy last week for $20 and put it in my Range Rover. I've just been using the FM Modulator but it is frustratingly poor quality and constantly needs to be changed. I'd also like to be able to use my iPod in the truck, without yet another FM Modulator...

I remember people with E46 3 series were able to add a line-in option somehow by utilizing the wiring harness for the factory cd changer - is there something like this for our Range Rovers (2003)?

I know I could get the newer radio and have built in Sirius and iPod support, but that is somewhat out of my budget right now... Well, what are people paying for the new radios? Do I need the MKIV to use the new radio module too?



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The BMW based models actually have more and less expensive options avail in this regard than the later Ford based models from a simple wire w/a headphone jack to electronic solutions displaying track info, etc. There is even a line in solution offered by a board member.

I have no time to search for you this morning, tho, so I'll do the search-nazi thing: Ummm, 'search' is your friend. :p
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