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Adding handsfree unit!!! help...

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Hi all, new here so don't be too harsh /:( I've searched for a solution to my problem but need more help. I bought the Parrot mki9200, installed ok but getting the loud pop sound when changing to mute etc, i know it's because of the HK system separate amps. i've been told i need this part to make it work but it's an extra €100 that i didn't really want to spend.
question is:
1: ìf i use a line level adapter to convert the high level output for parrot to low level for radio do i have to add it to all eight speaker wires or just one on each pair!
2: when i did have it wired up direct and had music from phone playing i couldn't change the volume with the radio, is this another issue i'm going to have or will the line level adapters take care of this!

Sorry for the long winded post :roll: hoping to get to Maplins today to get this sorted for the weekend `)
would love to know how you guys dealt with this problem, any help much appreciated


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I had the same prob, but with the MKi9100 - Parrot UK told me that the MKi9200 did not have this issue and that it has a lower level out put for connecting directly to the iso....

Anyway, I solved it by buying an adaptor to connect into the CD changer plug (losing the CD).

Then they had to fit another small speaker in front to play the phone part. All rather messy, but it works well.

Looks like your solution is neater, but check with Parrot first about connectiong directly from the MKi9200.
thanks spiggy, yeah, parrot recommend this unit but it seems a bit pricey for what it does. the mki9200 has the ipod feature so i want the sound to come from the speakers, if i could solder something up with a converter i'd rather take that route as the unit has cost me €200 already :(
Re: Adding hands free unit!!! help...

OK, I understand about the money!

For some reason the car sound people had to install a separate little speaker for the phone part only - not sure why.

If you spend the 100 euros, is that the end of it?

Might be worth it in the end ... rather than all that soldering, splicing, spilling solder on the trim when you could be spilling Guinness!
heh heh, very true, i'm now leaning that way the more i read. spilling guinness, not solder :dance:
ya, €100 would see it all done, thinking it's worth it the more i think i've other stuff to be doing to it.
would be nice to have decent sounding music while i'm lying under changing atf, diff oil etc :lol: :lol:
think i just needed a little convincing ;)
Are you sure the 9200 doesn't have the low level output?
from what i'm hearing it doesn't.
it comes with iso connectors, connected everything but the volume is way too loud, apparantly the 9200 unit has high output so that when the radio is muted the unit powers the speakers instead of the radio, but because the amps in the speakers power themselves the feed from the parrot is too high for them to play at a normal level!
and that's me being technical :lol:
Right, then, now I need your help.

I took my RR in to have my Parrot installation "fixed"

They have succeeded in screwing up the whole thing.

Connected the Parrot directly to the front speakers only, ie not through the head unit. Click has returned, together with a whine when the engine runs.

Before I go into battle (I am REALLY not happy!), did your "box" do the trick? Does it go between the Parrot blue box and the head unit?

Thanks for the help!
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unfortunately since then i've found out that box just mutes the radio!!! you'll still get the bang etc...
i've heard of fitters doing it your way, connecting only to the front speakers, that's fine (if it works) if you just have the unit for calls
i wanted to stream music through mine so listening to my music through the front speakers is a bit :evil: :evil: :evil:
the only sure way of doing this is to install a separate amp connected to all the speakers that kicks in (and turns off the oem 1) when you get a call or change to aux...
as i don't have the expertise or time to do this i'll end up installing some bluetooth thing like the motorola with a separate speaker :cry:
for streaming music from my ipod i'm installing the Range Rover Aux Interface Adapter, takes up the cd input from behind the radio. I'm too lazy to change cds from the boot anyway 8) so i won't miss this. if it means i get my music played through HK, who cares :thumb:
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Re: Adding hands free unit!!! help...

Many thanks for the swift reply - glad I read it before fighting!

Anyway, the CD input is what I had before! A small black box that takes phono input one side (ie from the Parrot) and has the special plug to connect to the CD changer cable.

This worked tolerably well - at least it feeds all the car's speakers through the head unit.

But, they had to fit a secondary speaker to feed the phone calls to .......

Now i have to get them (the second fitters) to restore it to what the first fitters did!

Thanks for your help and patience!
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think you might be on to something there.
if you have a mute wire fitted (from the parrot to the radio) it shld cut the radio when a call comes in, then press the CD mode button to change to the parrot input and have your calls coming through all speakers. don't see why this shldn't work, the parrot is just acting like an ipod feeding sound to the speakers. only down side is you'd have to press the CD button to make/receive a call 8-0=
i might be recalling mine... :think: :think: :think:
let me know how you get on
What about using the attenuator circuit that's used for hooking aftermaket stereo to the factory amps. If you can fit this into the Parrot wiring so it only has effect on the Parrot signals then you should be golden.

So that is why they fitted a small speaker - just for the phone.

Otherwise, when not switched to CD, there would be no phone call!

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