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You can purchase a Bluetooth only accessory kit (parts # VUB501151 and XVJ500121, I think) from your local dealer. Similar to the factory module, including steering wheel send/end paddles and capability to store about 50 names and numbers in the voice recognition system. However, with the accessory kit you won't be able to see dialed / incoming numbers on the head unit, or to use the radio keypad to dial numbers. I don't believe retrofitting the factory PTI kit would make much sense (money wise) considering the module alone costs nearly 800 bucks, and most dealers probably wouldn't know how to do it anyway. You might be better off with an aftermarket kit such as Parrot or similar, much better functionality than the Land Rover kit - even the factory one is no technology marvel... - although not as integrated.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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