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Added some bling to my SC.......

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a set of AB SV wheels :cool:

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I had a set of those on a prior SC and LOVE them! Grab a pair of the clear white tail lights and the look will be complete! Nice rig!
Couldn't agree more. Put those clear tail lights plus the exhaust and you're set
Someone actually measures your wheels when you are going 136 to 155 mph? I've driven the RR at 110 mph for a short time on the way to Mammoth (straight wide open stretches with few cars later in the evening) and wouldn't really want to drive an SUV much faster than that.
I think it's the factory spec wheels+tire combo along with speed limiter. From factory if you order 22" then speed limiter is increased to 155mph. I've done 155mph but not on RR yet
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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