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Adaptive cruise control

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After an 800 mile trip here is what i think of this gadget. It follows the car ahead of you and brakes if he does down to about 5 mph. It certainly is nice in traffic but:

If the car your following turns away and out of your lane it recovers the set speed but takes it's time. I usually floor it to get back to speed. It helps a little bit if you but the gear shift in performance mode but the guy behind you is probably wondering what your doing.

As you approach a slower car it slams on the brakes if it detects that your coming up on it. It would be a lot better if it just let off on the gas and left the brakes alone. If your coming up on a slow car it really slams on the brakes before one would expect it too.

When you set it you have to scroll to the least distance to follow other wise it hangs radically way back from the car your following. Also to set the two switches that control it you have to take your eye off the road and play with the switches to get it to do what you want.

The speedometer is 5 miles off from the set speed in the display. I've taken up carrying a GPS to find out how fast I'm really going because the speedometer is off by a few mph. That is really confusing.

As the speed limit changes you can adjust your set speed by using the plus or minis button. Once you go through the setting procedure you can do it without looking. I like that.

It sees cars in other lanes on sharp curves and slams on the brakes when you least expect it

The over using the brakes is the most frustrating and I'm sure other drivers think I have been drinking. It's a good thing but needs improvement. There is something about trying to have auto pilots in cars that doesn't make sense. If your not paying attention it's dangerous.
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