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Status: Was able to finally install this over the weekend on my L405. Thanks to the help in this thread, the whole process only took about two hours start to finish.

Was a little nervous running the CCF changes and upload but it all went without a hitch. (Side note: it's so cool to see the car shut off and fully restart itself without any intervention during the upload process! Makes me wonder if I could enable remote start...anyone know?) Calibration was simple using a local highway...took exactly 7 miles to complete.

The system seems to be working great, although I haven't had the nerve to test the forward alert function yet.
Hi there! Congrats with your L405. I am still 1-2 inches away from getting to success with my 2016-LR4 L319, though HW, IID-Tool and the official LR Tester now see ACC (and we enabled all key settings with Patrick Meilleur’s help).

Maybe, one of you has an idea how the actual triggering of the calibration is meant to happen? That’s where we are stuck now :$

This is the SOP for a D4/LR4 ACC Retrofit, which I put together based on fragments I found everywhere. Patrick signed it off, too. Hope it’s helpful to someone :) Raoul

Sequence of steps for a Discovery 4 ACC-Retrofit in summary:

  1. New switch pack installation
  2. Radar Sensor installation
  3. IID Firmware update and provision by GAP of an “Complete CCF List”
  4. Changes to 5x ACC-Settings
  5. Trigger calibration in the menu.
Detailed steps:
Gap needs to unlock your car’s full CCF access. After GAP unlocks the CCF, there will be 2 versions: “quick" and "complete" CCF list.

Everything you need to modify is in the complete CCF.

Important, always update your tool to the latest firmware built before making any of the below changes. GAP’s latest firmware builds should support the radar sensor alignment/calibration function out of the box by now.
It is was originally not part of their standard firmware build, and that’s why earlier L319 ACC-retrofits required special/customized firmware from GAP.

Then change the following settings in the complete CCF:

Menu--Car Config--Complete list...

  1. Speed control -> Adaptive Fitted
  2. Standard speed control display type -> Adaptive speed control full display plus priority messages
  3. Speed control -> ACC
  4. Speed control -> Adaptive speed control, stop and go
  5. Forward collision warning -> Forward collision warning GEN 1
Last step: Trigger Calibration

Calibration process:
Once you start the calibration/alignment mode you need to drive at speeds of 50-120km/h on preferably a straight road with plenty of space between you and the car in front of you (if there is any other cars around).

The sensor is looking at fixed metal objects on the side of the road to calibrate itself. While it’s doing that the orange follow icon will flash in the instrument panel.

Once it stops you are done. Some calibration took 10-12km driving before it was good, but that can vary depending on several factors. If there are other cars, calibration will take longer. Some reported driving up to 75km.

After calibration is complete you have to turn the car off for 15 seconds, restart and you are good to go. Just follow the Instructions in the owners manual for ACC usage.
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