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Here's my experience retrofitting ACC onto my 2014.6 L405 SC.

I had already purchased the IIDTool from Gap Diagnostics to add an extra key to my car, so I was just after the sensor, mounting screws and the updated right switchpack.

I found a second-hand FPLA-9G768-AC on eBay for £395, ordered the mounting screws and the switchpack from a dealer here in Canada.

The dealer looked up my VIN and saw that I didn't have ACC - so he kindly shipped me the non-ACC switchpack that I already had.

I told him that I was adding ACC, but he informed me that it was impossible. He did kindly refund the switchpack - so I'm grateful for that.

I do wonder why they persist with these weird policies - they could have taken my money - but decided not to.

So at this stage I tried to get another switchpack off eBay, but it was from a seller in Latvia and I cancelled it after waiting a month and they still hadn't shipped it.

So while the weather was good, I disassembled the front bumper to mount the sensor, to check if that was working.

Followed the powerfuluk videos. I couldn't bring myself to undo the water lines - they were on super tight. On my car, there's an extra bracket each side holding the front bumper on near the indicator that's not shown in the video. It's a little tricky to remove.

The sensor mounted easily and I used the LR screws to mount it and connected the wiring loom.

Removed a million rocks wedged behind the bumper and fitted it back on with no issues. I would say it took about 3 hours.

At this stage I didn't have the ACC switchpack, but I wanted to know if the sensor itself was working.

I connected the IIDTool, but it wouldn't see the new ECU.

I contacted Patrick and we added the new ECU:

-Start the car
-Menu--IIDTool Config--Find ECUs
-ECU Info

Yes - you need the car running to detect it.

So at this point, the CCM ECU showed up and reported that it was at the latest version, so hopefully smooth sailing.

At this point I did something silly - I decided to skip buying the 2014 ACC switchpack and purchased the fancy Touch Pro switches from Justin at Euroactive with the retrofit wiring harness.

Unfortunately when UPS delivered it - they had broken one of the switches, but Justin was kind enough to send another.

I followed the guide on the forums here for changing over the switchpacks. Took about an hour, with only one hiccup.

When re-fitting the airbag in place, make sure it's centered correctly. Mine was a little too far to the right and it ended pressing the horn contacts.

So when I reconnected the battery - the horn immediately started blaring. Not great when you're doing this late at night.

So at this point, I had the sensor, the switchpacks installed with the retro wiring harness and the required CCF's unlocked on the IIDTool.

I loaded the CCF's as per the post, and then I activated the calibration method. I found a nice quiet highway and drove for about 30 mins before the flashing symbol on the dash disappeared.

I stopped the car and turned it off for a couple of minutes and started again. The distance light and forward collision light appeared on the dash for half a second and disappeared.

When I went into the menu and tried to turn on Forward Alert, it would set the tick for half a second and then it would remove the tick.

When driving, pressing set or resume would show 'Cruise not available'. This exact behaviour had been reported in earlier comments. The fix there was flashing the CCM ECU.

When retrieving the faults - I also had:

BCM-Body Control

B1380-17 (2C) Steering wheel - Right switch pack - General electrical failure - circuit voltage above threshold
B1380-49 (2C) Steering wheel - Right switch pack - System internal failure - internal electronic failure

CCM-Cruise Control

U2101-00 (AF) Control module configuration incompatible

So after contacting uasystems through Justin, they wanted me to try with the old switchpacks - which I didn't have.

Patrick was also warning me that this could be the issue too.

After a few more CCF's restores and re-applies, it still didn't want to work - but the switchpack faults disappeared and never returned. So I'd count this as a weird one-off.

In consultation with Patrick, I used the fast lane service and we decided to re-flash the CCM ECU.

  • Loaded the firmware onto the IIDTool
  • Updated the CCF's to turn on the required settings
  • Flashed the CCM ECU
  • Initiated the Align Calibration for the CCM
  • Drove on the highway until the flashing symbol disappeared
  • Turned the car off and left it for an hour
  • Turned it back on......success!!!

Cruise works and shows the gap distance on the dash. I can adjust the distance using the updated switchpacks.
The Forward Alert can now be selected in the menu and it stays selected.

So you can bypass the older style switchpack and go straight to the new type with the retrofit wiring harness. But in the big scheme of things - a $100 switchpack was going to be the cheapest part (apart from the mounting screws - but it was close!)

Huge thanks to Patrick at Gap Diagnostics and Justin at Euroactive along with all the fantastic work done in this thread.
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