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2007 Range Rover Sport TDV8 HSE Java Black
Actuator turbocompresor
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Dear partners.

Let me recount the situation .... recently I had to change the two turbos of my RRS 07 TDV8.

I bought the replacement turbos and when it came to putting them in, everything was perfect. As soon as the car starts, the engine changes from Sound to lower. And "motor system failure" appears on the screen.

We believed it was a diesel failure due to the month the car was stopped due to parts replacement. The computer gave us an injector failure. That injector is cleaned with an ultrasound machine and works perfectly. When starting the car it keeps giving the same error.

Investigating, we have managed to find out that the reason is the actuator of the left turbo. It stays in closed position. It has been manually released and lubricated with oil. Right now, the actuator continues to stay closed when started. It is released manually and the car improves significantly, but not working as it should. The reason is that the control unit continues to recognize the "engine failure".

When you managed to start and release the actuator before the fault appears, the car works properly. But leaving it idle and idling, the error appears after a few minutes.

It is curious that this only happens on the left side, while the turbo on the right side works very well from the first day. I have been told that it is because the turbos are rebuilt. But my argument is that the right side works fine. We have come to think that it is a switchboard problem, which does not recognize the turbo on the left. Does anyone know if this is so? .. Because most workshops have told me that they do not have the computer to modify this parameter. Thank you very much for your attention and I hope it is a simple electronic procedure.
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