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Good afternoon Guys-

I wanted to pick your brains. I have had a recurring noise on my 14 RRS SC that appears to be coming from the steering apparatus. It seems to be most noticeable when turning the wheel 45-90 degrees, for example when taking an exit. It almost sounds like a squealing belt (which these vehicles don't have.) The dealer first could not reproduce (don't buy this, its so prominent and easy to reproduce.) As I asked about this many times, the dealer eventually told me that this sound is normal and part of the active suspension. They had another vehicle in with the same issue, but stated they tested it with "good known vehicle" and both produced a noise. The dealer states there is no vehicle for me to test against,and they are not willing to get me in touch with the other customer. They did send me a scan of the tsb, which states that low level noise may be present from the active suspension, however the TSB appears to be for a entirely different issue. I can send this to whoever wants it (the tsb appears to address knocking in the suspension.)

Is anyone else experiencing this issue, it really annoying....sounds like a baby squealing pig.

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