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Well I guess I'm taking my life in my hands as I say that the cars been running great but thought I'd give some information on my latest upgrade.
The car's a 1997 4.6 which has a low mileage (3000 ish miles)top hatted engine and recently installed recon (Bristols) gearbox.
We got to the position that we love the car and having put the money we have into her (we'd now be silly to change) looked into making her more drive-able.
I contacted Mark Adams and explained what I was trying to achieve and his recommendation was the above mentioned chip and trumpets.
We tended to just use the car to tow our twin axle caravan but since retiring I'm using the car more than ever, so the remit was better towing ability and better fuel economy :?
I purchased another inlet/trumpet housing from the well known auction site and purchased a set of ACT trumpets and a replacement chipped ECU from Mark. This way I can always return the car to stock.
The carbon fibre trumpets are glued into the base but then require shaving to allow for the internal shanfered edges of the 4.6 plenum housing.
The ECU is plug and play but I used the Nanocom to clear the engine adaption values.
The car started first time and I took it for a run as required by Mark, firstly nice and steady for a few miles to allow everything to register and settle then some full boogey acceleration to let the ECU learn and adapt.
I was impressed on the first outing but not overly so but over the six months since installation the ECU has learned and settled, the car has become so much more driveable.
The gearbox changes earlier on hills, not holding on till the last minute as it used to and by which time it needed to change down two gears.
It pulls so much better and the engine feels silkier, smoother to drive.
I've used it for a couple of journeys to Birch services from Rhyl, say 70+ miles, and over the return trip brim to brim I 'm now getting a shade over 22 mpg at a steady 65-70mph.
Towing the caravan the short journey to Anglesey has seen 17mpg which is better than the 12mpg on my last trip to Cornwall.
I think for the GEMS engine the changes are pretty good.
With my boy racer hat on the engine growls and she really picks her heels up,as the new shaped RR diesel found out today when he tried to undertake me coming out of a 50 mph limit on a dual carriage way. This though see's me pulling into fill up very often.
As will have been said over and over on this site, you can't have both economy and performance but with some restraint you can get economy but if you use the performance (and it is adictive :oops:) you will be paying at the pumps !!
I'm now going to find somewhere to hide because as I say everything will now revert and the P38 gods will rain down faults as I'm claiming the cars running great, but hey ho :)
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