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AC Water Leak

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Hello everyone,

It's been a while and apart from the fact that I had to change the fuse box with a new one because of the extreme heat over here, everything was ok.

speaking of extrem heat, It is the summer time here and the temprature was over 45c most of Jul/Aug/Sep. my AC was working just enough to always keep me cool. Suddenly last week I noticed a water leak next to my feet dropping through the bonnet opener hole. while driving further I heard the sound of water breaking/running behind the dashboard whenever I make a sharp right turn, and then the water will pour down through the bonnet opener.

Yesterday I had to refill the ac gas as it was not blowing cold air anymore, the cold air was back after the refill but the water leak is still on (ocassionaly and not constantly) and from that only spot.

I also noticed that when I park for few minutes and while the ac is on, the amount of water droping under the car is much more than it used to be?!!

What seems to be the problem? I am assuming a pipe gone bad?

Thank you guys for your help.


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Go to the main site of Rangerover.net and look under the common repairs and fixes.

The drain of your AC is clogged up and you can unclog it by lying under the car and sticking a small stick into the drain.
The drains are located inside the transmision tunnel. There are photo's on the main side how they look.



See also "SEARCH" above
rrtoadhall said:
See also "SEARCH" above
Thank you all guys.. I spent 3 hours searching before i posted this topic :( i feel like a fool now :geek:

one last question: did I run out of freon gas because of this water leak? or do I have a seperate issue with gas leak?
The A/C is a sealed unit. A freon leak would have nothing to do with the condensation
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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