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AC condensor replacement

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Morning all, well...the fun continues, after a new trany, TC, and some small stuff, have a bigger repair to start. AC condensor leaking top left corner {facing}, used dye and it is coming out pretty good. I assume this is terminal for the condensor....will repace same myself...first one. I am ordering a new condensor today, any input on which vendor, and or any tips, tricks, or other parts I may need greatly appreciated. I will have an old RR made from entirly new parts if this keeps up . Maybe get another 10 years out of it....

Thanks all.

Don Scott
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Got to do mine in a couple of weeks when I get back from holiday - curious about this myself. I think it's a good idea to go ahead and do the dryer at the same time if it's not been done and to get the whole thing deep vacuumed before replacing the refrigerant to get any water out of the system that might otherwise turn to acid over time and ruin your new condensor. Sadly, this is all I know of the job - I've not seen any photos or walkthroughs of the process beyond what is in the RAVE.
yes, do the dryer at the same time, and may as well do the 2 pressure switches and orings in the expansion valve (in the dashboard. maybe even want to do the flex-hoses at the compressor.

you MUST vacuum the system to get the air out, can't put freon into a system with air in it and have it work.

taking it to a deep vacuum for a long time to get the moisture out is a **** good idea as well.
I did mine last year - leaking in the same place as yours. I used an after market one - the 1st one supplied, the mounting holes for the bolts for the fans were out of alignment so it couldn't be mounted. The 2nd one was ok.

As said the dryer is a must, also get some new O rings for the hoses to condenser and dryer. I had a selection box of different sized AC O rings, but none of them were quite the correct size.
Thaanks all....guess it will be a straight forward job....plan on relacing all the hardware , then taking to a shop and have it put under vacuum and filled....my guess is I will not want top revisit this anytime in the near future.


Mine had a leak recently. Turned out to be the bolts on the back of the compressor (lucky me :) ). I never did replace my drier unit and have had a year or so of care free A/C functionality. For ME i didn't feel the point in replacing the drier and bleeding the whole system, etc.... My A/C works great and thats all I could ask for.
Why don't you vacuum yourself? I don't know if there is a branch of Harbor Freight in Maryland, but they carry a 2.5cfm vacuum pump for $79.
well...did the job Saturday.....not as bad as I expected....two hiccups....one was the new condensor was missing the hole on the back driver side the indexing pin goes into, and the next was that bas--d dryer.....that thing was a PIA.....and when I turnded the fitting to get the trinary switch off,,,,it just twisted the **** stem off if the dryer......now trying to locate a trinary switch...I am hoping I can put that on " in situ"....its tight and little room to work up in there.


Help!!.... what is the switch that screws onto the shrader valve type stem coming out the top of the dryer?? I thought it was the trinary. but the daigrams are now confusing me??

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