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AC Compressor... remove or move aside?

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I'm replacing the head gaskets on my 3.9, and the RAVE instructions direct me to recover the refrigerant and to completely disconnect the AC compressor. That is probably the fastest way to do it at a dealership, but I don't want to disconnect my AC compressor only to buy new refrigerant later. On the last couple of air conditioned cars I've done head gaskets on, I've been able to simply disconnect the fixing bolts and lay the compressor to the side, hoses still connected and refrigerant contained nicely. Is there a problem with doing that? Is there something I'm overlooking? (I ask because I ruined a hose on a Taurus years ago trying to do that, and the hose just couldn't take the twisting and ruptured.)

If you have any helpful advice with a head gasket replacement, please feel free to mentioned it.

1989 Range Rover 3.9 US spec
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Leave it connected. I took the bracket off it to give a bit more room, but basically tie it off to one side.
Thanks for the reassurance. I did tie it off over the top of the drier. I've since gotten down to taking off the driver's head.

not an issue - just tie it to the side, I have done so and removed the entire engine, and just bolted it up to the new one.
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