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I have seen several posts that claim that this fault always indicates a problem with the ECU, including one where the responder offered to buy the postee a bottle of wine if it wasn't the ECU. Well they would have lost the bet in my case. After buying a new ECU it made no difference but a pair of new front sensors cured it. The sensors measures OK for resistance but one did give some odd readings between one terminal and the metal case of the sensor. All the others I've measured show NC between the terminals and the case but this one acted like a large capacitor / inductor i.e. the resistance started very low and then gradually increased.

I'd also like to second the view that a lot of eBay sensors are very poor quality. I have now gone through 4 in 2 years! Even so I still haven't spent the price of one LR one.

P.S. anybody want to buy a second hand ABS ECU - can be demonstrated working (at least until the sensors give out again)
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