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Mike--02 HSE said:
Hi guys. This am temps got cold and I woke up to the P38 giving me ABS/TC/(and I think) SRS lights on in the bottom left dash. A pumping sound continued after shutting off the motor and removing the key. Went inside to look up ABS problems on this site then returned to the rover. Upon restarting, no pumping sound whatsoever and no ABS function, very little brake pressure--drove home at low speed and using low gears as I couldn't trust the brakes. Fuses look ok. I've read the ABS accumulator and pump pages, which don't seem to mention what to do/or how to differentiate between the two units when no pump/accumulator sounds are present and ABS function is simply gone. I suspect the pump or accumulator failed. Can any body help me out? BTW, I now live 1 1/2 hours from the nearest testbook equiped shop! Any help greatly appreciated, cheers, Mike
It's unlikely to be the main issue, but as things have suddenly got cold, and a possible electrical issue has occured, maybe check out the battery and alternator conditions before troubleshooting any further? See the electrical sticky at the top of the forum.
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