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2005 L322
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I've posted screenshots of my current codes and the current height readings I get with my IID. A couple questions. My air suspension is inactive so currently at standard height; the truck is visibly level and on a level surface. Is it normal for the heights to be so different or is that a sign I need calibration or new height sensors?

Secondly I read a post about ABS faults(precharge pump) causing cascade faults. I cleaned the precharge multiplug and gave it a couple knocks with a wrench but the fault persists. ABS connector has no corrosion. At this point would a new precharge be warranted?

Lastly CAN bus fault. I checked voltage at the EAS pins 2 & 20(hi/lo) and get the right voltage 2.7/2.5. I took a resistance reading there too with power off and got 128 ohms. It's my understanding that generally vehicle CAN systems have (2) 120 ohm termination resistors(1 at each end) so I should be seeing the parallel combination which would be around 60 ohm. Anyone know which ECUs have the resistors? If it's on the RAVE I struggle to find it. Thanks.


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