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ABS/Brake/TC warning lights

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My P38 has started showing the ABS/Brake/TC warning lights when hitting the brakes. I did some searching and it appears the problem could be the accumulator. Since that is the simplest place to start I have ordered one. I also have new brake pads coming as I think they were ok but not sure. When I purchased the car a year ago I had all fluids changed including the brake fluid. Only 800 miles since then.

I did notice that a few times, and this correlates with the timing of the above messages, that I also got a Traction Overheat warning message. This is just easy around town driving. Is this usually connected with the aforementioned problem?

Not sure if it's meaningful, but I also noticed with the engine off and key on that when hitting the brake I could hear a clicking under the passenger seat. Maybe that always happens but with the engine running I never noticed it? Is that anything to be concerned about?

Thanks all.
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Mine did it when purchased several years ago. New accumulator fixed it. Traction overheat probably could cause it, since it's forcing the pump to run more often than usual but I'm not sure. Also not sure of your other questions, someone more knowledgeable will chime in
Thought I would close this out. The brake accumulator was replaced and that took care of all the issues.
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