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2006-2009 Range Rover MkIII / L322
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I just bought a 2006 Bonatti Grey 4.2 Supercharged Range Rover, still with the air suspension which I was glad to get. I've owned several earlier Discoveries so I'm familiar with most of the idiosyncrasies that Rovers enjoy. I've always done my own servicing and repairs and anticipate continuing to do so as necessary. My Rovers have always proven reliable and not difficult to maintain. I'm hoping the RR will be the same. It has a few small problems that I can correct over the next couple of weeks as the parts arrive. One curious problem revolves around the rear view camera. It works fine when viewed from the onboard diagnostics but does not appear on screen when I engage reverse. This suggests a control problem rather than a camera problem. I have dissembled the camera and will be soldering the wires to replace the loose plug and socket arrangement so perhaps that will correct the issue. I'll report my findings when that has been done.

My wife and I are currently living in our Monaco coach at an RV park in Florence, Oregon, while we're building a new home lakeside in Dunes City, just south of Florence. Our possessions are mostly in storage units nearby, including a 1980 Triumph TR7 Spider in which I've put a Buick 231 CI V6, along with a Chevy TH700R4 automatic transmission. The motor has a 4BBL on an aluminium (yes, I'm a Brit) intake manifold and custom tubular exhaust headers. I also have a 2006 VW Jetta 2.0T that I've converted into a pickup truck, or better a Ute as the Aussies would call it. A 1975 Benelli 750 SEI motorcycle as well as a Honda TLR 200 street legal trials bike round out the 'toys'. Our 'working' vehicles amount to a Jeep Liberty and a Nissan Frontier Pro4-Ex pickup. The Benelli and the Nissan will be up for sale soon as I need to reduce the inventory. Too many toys and not enough time to enjoy them despite being retired.

I've been intimately involved with computers since the 1960s, I'm an experienced mechanical engineer, spent the last ten years of my career building and servicing small MRI systems, dealing with cryogenics and medical imaging mostly. Though my flying days are most likely behind me I have a US pilot's license and may, one day, get around to building my own aircraft. Maybe.
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