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A newbie saying 'hi' and an odd occurance

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Hi, I've been lurking here for a while, reading the incredible FAQ\General information pages as well as checking out threads in this forum. Impressive. I recently picked up a 1992 RR with 150K on it for my daughter to use when she gets her license this fall. She is a unique person and it just fits her personality...a little quirky and different. We do some trail riding (I have a VW Baja Bug and my son has a Dakota 4x4) so this fits in well with our family...plus it will force her to learn to work on a vehicle. Anyway, we've had it for about a week and so far, it seems pretty decent, alot of the issues I've read about here have been addressed though I did try to head off the leaking steering box with a bottle of Lucas stop leak (I used a bunch of their produces in my other vehicles and have always been impressed with them). Overall, I'm pleased with my $800 auction purchase.

Yesterday I was cleaning it and doing other stuff and ran down the battery, just the solenoid would click when I tried to start it so I tossed it on the charger. I noticed the batt and op idiot lights were still on but not knowing how the electrical system reacts to situations like this, I didn't really pay any attention to it. When we got back from running errands, I gave the key a twist and it started right up with the fresh charge. YAY. When I turned the key off.....nothing happened, it still was running and all the accessories work. I cycled the key several times with no change. My first thought was the ignition switch was shot and I was going to have to take the column apart. I went and disconnected the + cable off the battery to shut the truck down...and it still ran. I pulled the - terminal off and it still ran. When I put them back on, it shut off. The lights blinked twice and I could hear a relay click. I went to try starting it again and I got all the dash lights but it wouldn't crank. I cycled the alarm off on off on then tried again and it started and shut off with the key fine. I've tested it several times since then and it is working normally. Any idea why it wouldn't react to the key after the battery charge? Is there an ECM reset I have to do after a dead battery (I had a DeVille that needed one when it went dead) or is this just one of those things?

Also, the Hellas on the grill guard are wired up as the high beams with only single low beam elements in the regular headlight buckets, is this normal? The passenger side Hella is cracked on the base so it flops around a bit and the lamp doesn't stay in very well at all so I'll either have to replace it or wire up the regular lamps as hi\lows. Thoughts? Thanks in advance for any replies!

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No advice on the shutdown problems. I will say one of the best things I have bought for my Classic was the Hella E-Code replacement headlights from Susquehanna Motorsports.
Weird... Not something i have come across before but someone might have. Keep us informed if it does it again or anything related.

Welcome to the forum. Looks a pretty good buy for $800 to me.
Thanks, I think it is a pretty good deal for the price. The ignition issue I suspect is a alarm-voltage thing. Yesterday the battery was really low again after sitting overnight. When I tried to start it, after the usual clicks, I turned the key off and the idiot lights stayed on. Charging the battery over the day didn't bring the battery back but did cause the alarm to reset. The battery is junk and I'm going to replace it tomorrow. It is only showing 7.8v after a full charge so I suspect the low voltage is enough to make some of the electrics act funky, I'll let you know what i find out.
Appears the bad battery was the issue. Replaced the battery and now the truck functions they way I expect it to.
Appears the bad battery was the issue.
Often the cause of many odd problems. Glad you got it sorted.
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