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Apologies in advance if this is a stupid question but I can't get a straight answer from my dealership.
I own a RRS HSE 3.0 tdv6. According to the registration document it was registered in October 2009, but according to land rover uk the 3.0 Tdv6 wasn't available until 2010 so I think it may have been pre-registered.

Anyway, I've had the car just on a year and the dealership has just phoned to say it is due for a 12 month service. Because the dealer has not been great since we bought the car, I have checked the service handbook and this states that a service is due when the service interval indicator comes on (it hasn't). I have also checked on land rover's site and they say that the 3.0 Tdv6 service interval is dependent on the condition based servicing system. Older models are listed as requiring a 12 month service, but there is no 3.0 model listed in the 2005-2009 range.

The dealer are not great at dealing with women owners to be honest and they don't seem prepared to answer my query of why the service book talks about condition based servicing but they are telling me a 12 month service is required. Can anyone help with the definitive answer on whether I should be servicing every 12 months or whether I should rely on the service booklet and wait for the service interval indicator.

Depending on who I believe also influences what kind of service I need. Again according to land rover, the 3.0 tdv6 only has an a and a b service, but my dealer is telling me that I need a c service?

Am thoroughly confused so am hoping someone can help!

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a model year 2010 could very easily have been delivered in October of 2009. Do you have the full service history on the vehicle to know what has been taken care of with the previous owner? What is your current mileage reading? Has the dealer provided a listing of what is included in the "C" service?
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