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A couple of queries MY12 RRS SC Autobiography

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Hi gang,

New member here.

Looks like an awesome forum filled with heaps of information.

I have a couple of queries that I haven't quite been able to get 100% clarification on in relation to my RRS.

1. How can I tell if my rangie has the brembo brakes? The ones on mine are grey and say "Range Rover". I recall reading somewhere that just because they aren't red doesn't mean they aren't brembo but I'd like to be sure.

2. More importantly, stereo. I have Logic 7 written on speakers and the logic 7 option which does alter sound significantly in the system, but I can't tell what system I actually have. If it is of any assistance, there are two speakers on the roof above the rear seats. The bass is really awful, and when I turn bass up and down it makes ZERO difference to the sound. Could there be an issue with the amp/sub?

Thanks in advance,

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You have brembo brakes. The ones stamped Range Rover are just another version of them. Try turning off the surround feature in settings. The sub is a known issue.

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Thanks nkawal,

You're a legend. Good to know mate.

So does having Logic 7 mean I have a specific system, or could it be an upgrade to a number of options?

I'll try mucking around with surround, but turning Logic 7 on and 8 makes a difference sound quality wise, but still no bass at all. The actual system sounds reasonable, and I recall one or two threads on hre about replacing the sub only.

I just wanted to make sure I actually have a system that this is possible in. I can't really see where a sub would go in the boot.
The sub is inside the tailgate itself. There are some 8" it 10" shallow mount that's fits as a replacement. I think jl audio and and another company called helix makes drop in replacements.

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