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Hello all!

its been awhile since ive posted, but since its summer time it was time for AC!!

I had found a small leak in the system at the high side a/c fill valve so i replaced both valve stems in low and high side. Pulled vacuum on the system for about an hr and let it sit so see if it would hold 28inches of vacuum. It did!

So i drag my 30lb tank out and scale and start to refill her! im excited, my system is holding vacuum and im about to have ice cold air again!

But... my excitement dissipated soon after. My ac started pulling the R134 and after pulling about 16oz it basically stopped. My ac compressor was on but wasnt cycling, my high and low side on the gauges read 60psi low side and 90psi high side.

Ive done AC many times before, so i know a few different methods on charging these systems. I pulled vacuum on my system and recharged via a different method, same results tho. pulled vacuum and retried using yet another method... and again the same result.

So after researching a bit i believe it may be the compressor is bad..

But i would like more input! please

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