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Well I've had the HEVAC book symbol on since I bought my 99 a couple of months ago. Everything seemed to work, blend motors, A/C, heat, etc. What was originally happening was the A/C would cut out after about 20-30 minutes of driving. Wreckrunner was able to help me diagnose that it seemed like freeze up. I checked all relays and fuses, removed the grill and made sure nothing was stopping the two fans from spinning. At that point I noticed the fans weren't working at all. Not sure if they should be on whenever the A/C is on or whether they're just aux fans in case the engine starts to overheat. At the end of the day, it wasn't an immediate concern as I don't drive far very often and the temperature here in Los Angeles has been pretty comfy.

What's happening now is quite the opposite. Now the A/C doesn't start to work until about 20 mins of driving (it might still shut down from freeze up after an additional 20-30 mins though...haven't diagnosed that far, but as I haven't fixed that issue, I'm sure it still does). I've tried it in auto mode with the temps all the way down, as well as manual mode with temps at the way down. With the A/C turned on, I've popped the hood and felt the compressor and it doesn't seem to be on and the pipes coming off it are not cold at all. I re-checked all the relays and fuses to no avail. The fact the it comes on after a while means the compressor does work (although intermittently and possibly on it's way out) and there is freon in the system. Since I'm going to be changing my accumulator on Saturday, I was wondering if there's any troubleshooting I can do while in there. Does it sound like a sensor or some other electrical issue? After reading other posts of A/C issues, I'm sure it could be a number of things, but any place to start would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance,
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