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Hi all,

Out of nowhere on a 95 degree day, I noticed that only warm (not hot, just warm) air was coming out of the passenger vents, but out of all the driver vents I had normal cooled air.

I just checked it again as its cooler out, and there is definitely room temperature air coming out of all the passenger vents (and I also think the backseat vent), but out of my driver vents I have very cold air.

Also, the problem continues after the vehicle is running for 10 minutes, so it is not due to impatience lol.

Thoughts? I've seen some other posts on this, but none for the Mark III.

Vehicle details: 2008 Range Rover HSE; 110,000 miles; never had issues with A/C so the A/C unit has never been serviced, ie never been charged up).

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