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A/C cutting out

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About a month ago I noticed I lost my A/C and blower. Basically all the lights came on but nothing out of the vents. This seems to be a common problem on the MkIII RR's. Using this great board I figured out that the likely culprit was a bad Final Stage Resistor.

I was all set to pick up part # JGO 000021 at the dealer, pay my 100 clams, and attempt to swap out the part myself. [The dealer wanted 3 hours labor @$185/hr. My independent shop wanted 4 hours labor.]

Funny thing is is that the A/C mysteriously started working again. No real reason that I can detect.

So, now what? Anybody come across this? Is something loose that I can check easily? Any and all thoughtful suggestions welcome.

Thanks all.

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I'd still replace the FSR personally. It is not uncommon for the problems to be intermittent. Also, you can order them much cheaper online.


I got mine for $15 nearly a year ago but I don't see one that cheap currently.
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