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A/C cutting out

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About a month ago I noticed I lost my A/C and blower. Basically all the lights came on but nothing out of the vents. This seems to be a common problem on the MkIII RR's. Using this great board I figured out that the likely culprit was a bad Final Stage Resistor.

I was all set to pick up part # JGO 000021 at the dealer, pay my 100 clams, and attempt to swap out the part myself. [The dealer wanted 3 hours labor @$185/hr. My independent shop wanted 4 hours labor.]

Funny thing is is that the A/C mysteriously started working again. No real reason that I can detect.

So, now what? Anybody come across this? Is something loose that I can check easily? Any and all thoughtful suggestions welcome.

Thanks all.

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linuxfreakus said:
I'd still replace the FSR personally. It is not uncommon for the problems to be intermittent.
Thanks for the input and the link. Anyone else?

What I find curious is that when I spoke with a tech he indicated that it was essential to "test" the resistor to see if it failed. However, if it is intermittent then one would assume that the resistor might pass and, hence, not indicate that it needed replacement. I thought than when a resistor (like a fuse or relay) blew, that was it.

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