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98 p 38 won't rev above 2000 rpm

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I'm looking at purchasing another p38 after selling my modded 98. What I know (sight unseen) pretty clean 98 4.0 114k miles. Owner says it starts right up and stays running but doesn't hold fuel pressure? and truck will not rev above 2000 rpm. I'm thinking tps or crank sensor? Maybee fuel pump, pressure reg or vacumm line? Any other thoughts ? If the price is right i Might roll the dice? anything major someone can think of? My last 98 rode like a dream and I talked to a p38 owner tonight so of course I'm jonesing for another rr.



Ps the owner has taken it to the local goodyear? store for a fix they think fuel pump but I suspect mechanics haven't worked on a rr before
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thanks guys
I talked to the owner again (hopefully i can find time to see it this week) He said its his wifes car. No problems up to this point. She pulled off a light and it started puttering and wouldn't get above 1750-2000 rpm. He has driven it on occasion since then. Sometimes it works fine but mostly still won't rev. The mechanic he took it to (again no rr mechanic) said it would pressure down some from 41 psi at rail. What some means I don't know. he said it wil sit and idlle fine all day long. Does any of this narrow your thoughts down?

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