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98 p 38 won't rev above 2000 rpm

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I'm looking at purchasing another p38 after selling my modded 98. What I know (sight unseen) pretty clean 98 4.0 114k miles. Owner says it starts right up and stays running but doesn't hold fuel pressure? and truck will not rev above 2000 rpm. I'm thinking tps or crank sensor? Maybee fuel pump, pressure reg or vacumm line? Any other thoughts ? If the price is right i Might roll the dice? anything major someone can think of? My last 98 rode like a dream and I talked to a p38 owner tonight so of course I'm jonesing for another rr.



Ps the owner has taken it to the local goodyear? store for a fix they think fuel pump but I suspect mechanics haven't worked on a rr before
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Could be a lot of things, simplest is that the throttle cable is not adjusted correctly. Could also be plugged Catalytic converters, and yes - the fuel pump failing/clogged screens had exactly that result on mine.... would not go over 50mph, then only 40mph, idled all day just fine, started ok. Pressure test the fuel rail with the right equipment to be sure.
This doesn't sound like a serious fault, a couple of Goodyear mechanics listened to it and they did not say it had dropped valves or any other engine rebuilding thing. And you said it almost works sometimes. I think you find that it is the fuel pump, someone probably put some fuel line cleaner in it and it dissolved the fuel pump sock and bits in the fuel pump - after all, they are rubber soaking in fuel and over 10 years old now....

The CPS, as others mentioned, is relatively cheap and quick to replace, but you are describing exactly the symptoms both my friend and I experienced last year that turned out to be the fuel pump. I have 55psi at the rail now, and before I replaced it I got intermittent measures between 11psi and 35psi with a fairly fancy gauge at the reliable local Rover independent shop. Depending on the gauge used, it might only record the "PEAK" value, and not show you how it is not a steady flow. And, it leaked down quickly almost to Zero if left on the rail 5 minutes after shutoff, so I replaced the regulator whether it needed it or not. The shop charged me $65 for the scope, pressure test and advice - well spent.

good luck if you decide to buy it, I am on my third Rover and miss them when I don't have one.
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