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'97 p38 front passanger door will nt open from inside or out

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My p38 front passanger door will not open from inside or out. With the window down I can move the auto lock button up & down & it will lock & unlock the other doors but not itself. When initially unlocking the doors, its button does not go all the way up as the others do. I can see it trying to come all the way up but it's like it gets stuck about 1/2 way then returns all the way back down. If I pull up & down on it repeatedly it will occasionally feel like it comes off the arm & is free but then I can push it back down & it reconnects to it & the cycle starts all over again. There has been a few times that moving it up & down fast & repeatedly that it does unlock & works fine for a day or so until it doesn't. Very annoying, especially when picking up a friend & they have to ride in the back, more less picking up a date. I've had the door panel off and everything is in order. Any thoughts?
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I've had the door panel off and everything is in order.
It obviously isn't or your door would unlock and open as it should. It sounds like the door latch has broken internally. The parts are plastic and if it has been abused teeth could very well have been stripped from the mechanism. Replace the door latch.
test your latches using the link below, also look for any binding connection rods.

I’m wondering if you use the super lock feature, I’ve seen this seize up and not allow the latch to undo, it’s a bit of a job breaking it out, but sounds like your problem.
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